Wed on the Bedrock

At the end of June this year a couple reached out to Agnostic Scotland in the hope that one of us was free to officiate at a hush hush ceremony planned to take place out of hours at Jupiter Artland, 12 miles outside of Edinburgh.

A Forest by Jim Lambie

Jupiter Artland is a land of art, 120 acres of woodland and meadow covered in art. It is currently closed for it’s winter rest but when it reawakens in spring next year go visit, you never know you may be inspired to hold your ceremony, memorial or ritual there.

I was free on their chosen date so we met online to see if we connected. We did and I was thrilled they had chosen Anya Gallaccio’s amethyst coated contemporary grotto ‘The Light Pours Out of Me’ for their ceremony spot. The artist herself describes this artwork, which is in a public space, as private so it was a perfect choice for a private marriage ceremony couple. An intimate, private moment, in an intimate, private space.

The Light Pours Out of Me by Anya Gallaccio

Down inside the incredibly beautiful sculpture, amongst mature trees with the dappled light and wind in the leaves we created a little sanctum of our very own for the ceremony. Every word, ritual, vow and pause felt, even signing the marriage schedule, felt amplified, empowering and sealed in.

Our summer ceremony began with a meditation on Scotland, imagining and envisioning the landmass, all 31, 000 square miles, the landscape and the familiar form of Scotland, the quality of the light, the space, the edges of the land, the seas that envelope the land. This conjured up the sense of what Scotland meant to the couple and their love of the natural world.

The Light Pours Out of Me by Anya Gallaccio

Their journey together, their love story, told as we travelled across Scotland was threaded through the visualisation and their ceremony and finally brought them right to the moment they stood before me absorbing the smells, the light and the sounds on the very bedrock of Scotland surrounded by amethyst and obsidian with the sky above sealing everything in.

It was powerful, beautiful stuff that brought us all to a moment of recognition and gratitude that we were standing on the very bedrock of Scotland, in the earth, beneath layers of soil and gravel, moss and grass surrounded by the natural wonder and beauty of the shimmering amethyst with it’s reported properties of promoting peace and calm, hope and joy.

Myself, Catriona, the Wedding Coordinator, from Jupiter Artland, Solen from SolenPhotography and the couple with their two dogs had a rather awesome evening roaming around the site and wallowing in spending such a special time in an incredible work of art.

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Andrea Taylor

Hello! I’m Andrea ……I am a bright, spirited practitioner ready to nurture collaboration and co-creation while holding space for your ceremony with authenticity and care. My offerings and choices for couples and families include a myriad of traditional and modern, interfaith, multicultural, always inclusive and meaningful, ceremonies and rituals.

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