Weaving together the art of midwifery & the art of celebrancy

Welcome, welcome to my celebrant blog. Today I was encouraged to reflect about why I became a celebrant. Not just a celebrant but an independent celebrant. As a an NHS midwife of 20 years, working closely with women, couples and families at a transformative time in their lives I started to think of all the other life events that can transform or change us and the direction of our lives. I began to see that many of my midwifery skills were transferable in a way I had never considered before. Being a midwife is a strong part of my identity. Moving on from midwifery into celebrancy feels a very natural shift, I feel I am my authentic, grounded self in these roles. One area that is very different is regulation & I will discuss that in another post.  I have a strong grounding in equality & diversity, maybe due to working in the NHS, maybe it’s inherent in me but due to this the independent celebrancy route is right for me. I want to take it and make it my own. To be true to myself, my norms beliefs & values, to weave myself into my role as a celebrant just as I have in my roles as a mother, as a midwife, as a yoga for pregnancy teacher – indeed in all the things I do. 

Published by

Andrea Taylor

I am a celebrant in Edinburgh and I offer couples, families and communities a myriad of traditional and modern, interfaith, multicultural inclusive ceremonies and rituals.

4 thoughts on “Weaving together the art of midwifery & the art of celebrancy”

  1. Thanks this is so inspiring Andrea I am sure you will attract many clients with your open sincere honest and positive attitude towards both birth and death . Good luck 😘

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  2. Andrea, your blog is wonderful reading. You will be a excellent as a celebrant and anyone using your service can only benefit from your very caring support.

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